Do’s and Dont’s of Amazon India Affiliate Marketing Program

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Getting started as an Amazon affiliate marketer is easy as this guide on how to make money with Amazon affiliate marketing program through Cuelinks will tell you. However, staying put as an Amazon affiliate marketer long enough to be able to start paying your bills and funding your holidays with your affiliate income is a different ball game altogether. It is so because as an Amazon affiliate marketer you have to keep in mind a number of rules and regulations set down by the e-commerce giant for affiliate promotions. One wrong move and you risk losing commission at best or getting banned at the worse.

To help you avoid teething problem in your early days as an affiliate marketer, we share this list of do’s and don’ts of Amazon affiliate marketing program and other important things to know about this program.

First and foremost, to be able to earn valid commission through the Amazon affiliate marketing program, you need to share your genuine traffic source or referral URL with Cuelinks. If the source of your traffic is not authentic, Amazon will not approve the commission of any transaction coming through your site.

As far as tracking is concerned, the cookie duration of Amazon affiliate marketing program is 24 hours. Thus, if your visitor goes to Amazon India via your site once, does not purchase anything at that time, but again visits Amazon India directly within 24 hours of clicking your affiliate link, then you will get the credit of that sale and the commission.

To understand cookie duration and other common terms used in affiliate marketing, you can refer this Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing.

Multiple conversions are not available on the Amazon affiliate marketing program. This means that you will get commission only for the first purchase made by your visitor via your affiliate link in 24 hours. Any other orders made on Amazon India by the same customer (using the same IP) in the next 24 hours will not be credited to you, even if the customer goes to Amazon through your affiliate link.

All the transactions made via Amazon affiliate links take 48 hours to track. So, it will take two days to reflect on your dashboard. And it can take up 72 hours after the order has been dispatched for delivery, for the commission to track.

The clicks and transactions will be tracked only if the visitor lands on the Amazon website or mobile website, not if s/he lands on the Amazon mobile app. So make sure you are directing your visitors to the right platform.

Text Links

You can insert Amazon affiliate links in the body text of your website/ blog and the banners/ ad widgets on your site. You also allowed to promote the deals and coupons of Amazon India on your affiliate marketing website.


When it comes to emails, you are only allowed to promote the Amazon affiliate program in plain text emails and HTML emails. However, you cannot promote it in custom HTML emails i.e. HTML emails which include a lot of personalisations like creating your own templates or adding codes.


POP traffic is forbidden for Amazon affiliate program i.e. you cannot send visitors to Amazon India through pop up ads/ banners or pop under ads. A pop up ad is an ad window that pops up above the page a visitor is on, while a pop under is an ad window that opens up behind the main web browser/ or in another tab.

Social Media

Promoting Amazon India affiliate marketing links on your social media pages, through Facebook ads or Native ads is also not allowed.

Native ads are a form of paid media advertising popular among content marketers. It is any paid content that is non-disruptive and resembles the rest of the content of the website. Promoted tweets on Twitter, suggest posts on Facebook and editorial based article recommendations from content discovery platforms like Outbrain are all native ads.


You cannot also promote the Amazon India affiliate marketing program through SEM or search engines by bidding on brand keyword or generic keywords or both. Other malpractices like cookie stuffing, malware practices, reselling are also strictly forbidden.


You are not allowed to pass back any part of your commission to your visitors in form of cashback, reward points, incentive or charity etc.

Missing Sales

If at any point, your sale is not tracked or goes missing, due to whatever reason, Amazon India does not commit to answer your queries about it. However, if Amazon India recognizes any missing sales and credits the commission to Cuelinks, then we pass it on to you.

Product Prices

Refrain from mentioning prices of Amazon products on your affiliate website while promoting the Amazon affiliate program because the prices keep varying from time to time on the Amazon India site. Any disparity in the price of products on your website and that on Amazon India may cause a bad customer experience and eventually loss of customer for Amazon India. Thus, it is prohibited.

Pop Ups & Diversions

When the customer is already on Amazon India, you are not allowed to load a page-under or pop under or pop up or overlay or new tab with associate tag.

Also, sending customers to other e-commerce sites by offering coupons or price comparison, or sending customers to your own or other associate site is also prohibited. In short, you are not allowed to divert the traffic away from Amazon India in any way.

Do not modify the contents of Amazon India page by placing any additional Buy Now button or radio button in it or by displaying any additional content similar to Amazon over the Amazon page. The Amazon India affiliate marketing program also does not allow you to collect any customer information like email id’s or phone numbers via a pop-up form on Amazon page.


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