Native Advertising Products that work for you

Driven by powerful technology, our products provide effective advertising solutions in real time.

High Performing Native Advertising
Boost your earnings with Native In-Text Monetisation of your content. Simply 'Turn On' Cuewords with a single-click and see most-relevant keywords automatically converting into affiliate links! Cuewords takes only milliseconds to scan and analyse a page’s content in real-time to deliver effective results.

Contextual Display Advertising
Multiply your earnings by making the best of the unused real estate on your website. These attractive display widgets present contextual and fully customized ads. They increase your visitor engagement by displaying products ads most relevant to your content.

Cuelinks SDK
Mobile App Monetisation
Make money even while catering to your mobile audience. Cuelinks SDK is mobile optimized so you can easily monetise your mobile apps and earn money from the affiliated links in your mobile content.
Chrome Extension
Simple & easy tool to compare merchant payouts & generate affiliate links instantly from merchant and product pages.

Wordpress Plugin
Free Wordpress Plugin to monetise your blog/website with affiliate marketing.