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Cuelinks Referral Program
for Publishers
Refer Cuelinks to your Visitors or friends and
Earn 25% of what we earn for 3 months
from the publisher you refer.
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How can you refer Publishers to Cuelinks?
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How much can I make?

Number of Publishers Joined
Average monthly income of
Publishers joined *
Rs. 10000

Rs. 6250 Per Month

* The earnings may vary depending upon the payout category of Publishers joined.

Terms & Conditions

1. Refer your friends to Cuelinks and earn 25% of what we earn from them for 3 months for each publisher you refer

2. The refer and earn program is applicable only for approved publishers

3. The commission will automatically credited to your account on month to month basis

4. 25% of referral earnings will be calculated on approved earnings what Cuelinks have made